Thursday, June 16, 2011

Preschool Graduations!!

It is always a great joy to see my children graduate! This year was such a fun experience for all of us! Of course, I have a graduation program for my little 3/4 year old class. It is their first year of Preschool for most of them. We began with each child singing one of their favorite Nursery Rhyme songs that we learned during the year. They all did such a cute job! I know the parents were so proud! I could really tell by all of the cameras flashing! I had them sitting with their red cap and "dads white shirt" buttoned in the back as their gown. SOOO cute!!!

Then of course my 4/5 year old class came wearing their "dads" white shirt and a black cap for the graduate moving on to kindergarten! They performed some cute songs that we learned and also had speaking parts memorized. I was so proud of the great job they did. We did our circle time for the last time together. Kind of sad:( and then I presented them with the certificate of graduation. On to Kindergarten we come!!!

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